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Default Re: Ray Lewis should have to watch the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post

Pot, meet kettle.

You do realize that one could point out that "you are just a bitter Ravens fan whose team is still 5 Super Bowls behind the Steelers. Also, nobody cares about your perception of the Steelers, because they have watched you lose for the last 11 years" right?

But that'd just be an objective POV.
You've been trying for those trophies since the superbowl was implemented.

Since '96 (the year the Ravens became a football team), if we win next week, it will be dead even. Unless you want to use a near half century head start as an excuse. . .

EDIT: and before we even go there, our history is not with the Cleveland browns, who still exist as a franchise. I would be saying the same thing if Pittsburgh brought their 4 rings to Baltimore in '96 instead of the hapless Browns, because we are the Ravens, and our history started with our first season.
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