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Default Re: possible Wallace landing spots?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
What's strange is that Flacco will be making more than Ben - Ben made what 11.5 mil? They're talking Flacco getting something ridiculously front loaded with 16-17 mil a year
That's what the Ravens get for dragging their feet with Flacco's contract for a couple of years. Yes, he wasn't setting the world on fire and left a lot of questions to be answered as to whether he was a franchise-type QB so I understand why the Ravens were reluctant to sign him earlier. The converse to that is that he's now playing lights out and in a Super Bowl, and if he wins, he's got them by the balls. Flacco will want paid like a top 5 QB and it will cost the Ravens the opportunity to re-sign some of their other important guys.

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