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Default Re: possible Wallace landing spots?

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
Fortunately, the Rats are in as much salary cap hell as we are and are talking about not being able to afford to keep everyone. Their problem is made especially worse with Joe Flacco playing as well as he is (I just threw up a little in my mouth) and heading to possible free agency. They will have to pony up quite a bit of cash to keep Flacco now whether it be via franchise tagging him or signing him to a new long-term deal. They also have key defensive players heading to free agency in Ellerbee and Kruger. We can rest assured we won't be seeing Wallace in purple and black next year I think.

I can definitely see him with the Patriots or Browns next year. I'm sure Belichick would love to have a deep threat for Brady that they haven't had since Randy Moss. As Steelers5895 said, it's probably the one thing holding them back from another Super Bowl appearance.

The Browns could seriously use some WR help to put around Weeden (or whoever ends up being their starter next year). Don't forget that their new owner Jimmy Haslam came from the Steelers organization and would have quite a bit of familiarity with Wallace as a player. He could come out aggressive in free agency and try to prove to the fans in Cleveland that he's serious about turning things around there by signing some big name guys like Wallace.
Browns a possibility as per what you said. The Bengals are another one. They certainly could use a receiver to complement A.J. Green. Coincidentally, those two teams are in excellent cap shape. Same for the Colts. They need another receiver instead of Avery.

Wallace, being from the south, New Orleans, and playing college ball at Ole Miss, might prefer some warmer weather, other things being relatively equal. It’s not all that warmer in Indy, but you do have that retractable roof. I’d think about Arizona and Arians seriously if that team was in better cap shape.

You wonder what effect good buddy Keenan Lewis and where he goes will have on Wallace’s decision, if any.
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