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Default Re: Texas: Shooting-du-jour

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
My point was regarding neighborhood association and PTA meetings, labor unions, city council meetings, etc. If you think guns help in any of those settings, well, then I don't know what to tell you. I'm not sure how much social change one can expect from a shooting range or gun show. And I think you're missing the point of the examples from Iceland, Czechoslovakia and Occupy. Rather than snickering and dismissing them we should be expanding from where they left off.
That's up to the local communities to decide whether they want people to be allowed to carry in those places or not. That's not for the federal gov't, or you or me alone, to decide. I'm not saying they would help or hinder. I'm saying it probably wouldn't make a difference.

Not all social change comes from PTA meetings and city council meetings either. Sometimes, when a change in gov't is needed, things happen outside of those venues....usually where people who are interested in changing what the gov't is doing tend to gather.

I'm not missing the point on what Iceland did (and don't get me started on Occupy...they are a bad example of peaceful revolution). And I'm certainly not snickering and dismissing them. I'm saying that the US is the dominant world power though, and if peaceful tactics were going to work, they would have worked already. Corporations and money are running the country right now, with weapons to back them up. Defending yourself with words against a police state is just going to leave you sitting to rot, or worse. History has proven this.

As always, I understand your point of view. And I'm not trying to say you're bad or wrong for feeling that way (well, maybe a little wrong ). I wish the solutions were as easy as you feel they are. We're not rallying against some two bit gov't though.
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