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Default Re: possible Wallace landing spots?

Originally Posted by JackH View Post
Browns a possibility as per what you said. The Bengals are another one. They certainly could use a receiver to complement A.J. Green. Coincidentally, those two teams are in excellent cap shape. Same for the Colts. They need another receiver instead of Avery.

Wallace, being from the south, New Orleans, and playing college ball at Ole Miss, might prefer some warmer weather, other things being relatively equal. It’s not all that warmer in Indy, but you do have that retractable roof. I’d think about Arizona and Arians seriously if that team was in better cap shape.

You wonder what effect good buddy Keenan Lewis and where he goes will have on Wallace’s decision, if any.
As to the last part of your statement I think money will have more influence on his decision than where Lewis goes.
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