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Default Re: Mr. Rooney, Call the Jets owner, he wants to trade Revis

All of the peopel pointing out Revis' diva attitude and hold out fever are right, he's not worth the hassle. Besides, chasing big name FAs isn't always the way to make your team better. Philadelphia threw a ton of money at Nnamdi Asomaugh, do you think they're happy with that deal right now? Yea, Revis is better than Asomaugh, but that means he'll require more money than he got, and as others have mentioned, as soon as he has an all-pro year, he'll be holding out and bitching for more money once again.

He's a great CB, but our secondary actually did good enough last year, we need a stronger pass rush in the defense we run. With the salary cap it's hard to have all star players at every level in the NFL. A lot of teams with great CB combinations (Jets, Seahawks) dont' really have any great LBs or pass rushers.
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