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Default Why do you dislike Jim Harbaugh

As a Steelers fan, I understand the hatred a lot of us have for John Harbaugh. He coaches our biggest division rival, is boisterous, extroverted and over the top. He's prone to gloating after a victory and sulking and blaming other people in defeat, but why do so many Steelers fans hate his brother?

I don't watch a lot of 49ers games, but when I have, his charged sideline demeanour reminds me a lot of Bill Cowher, as does his team's ferocious defense and the way he nearly took a team with former first round bust Alex Smith to the Superbowl (a coupe of special teams fumbles away actually, haha another Cowher parallel.) Steelers fans seemed to love it when Cowher hung fire, popped out his jaw, spit & yelled like an inconsolable lunatic, why is it unkewl for someone else to do it?

There's the handshake incident from last year, but after seeing more of the lions and Schwartz, i'm convinced that was more of him being a sore unprofessional loser than anything else.

So how about it, if you dislike Jim Harbaugh, why?
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