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Default Re: defense next year

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
London Fletcher is 240 and Thomas was over 240. Don't bring in Quarterback comparisons because it's apples and oranges. Drew Brees and Russel Wilson aren't tackling Hernandez, Gronk, and Richardson.

Comparing offensive players to an ILB isn't a fair comparison. They aren't trying to make plays in the middle of the field and bring down guys who are 240+ on almost every play..
You were talking about spence only being 5-11 im showing you two very good linebackers who were that height. Like I said earlier and some else verified my comment that farrior was playing around 230 or under, he had no probably tackling big backs and tight ends.

I'm showing you cant also go by what the typical height weight for positions players are n the nfl I showed you two safeties that were very good at 5-9 and you want safeties to be 5-11 and up, I showed you two great wr who are 5-8 5-9 who are pro bowlers in a league where wr should be 6-0 and up. Just like how you say linebackers should weigh more cause of running backs and tight ends, well wr should be taller cause corners are 5-11 and up so you would think welker and smith would not be good but that's the opposite because they are football players.

You're right - don't judge offensive players on their weight. Show me another ILB that's 230. I don't mean in the 230's, I mean another ILB that is 230 - 232 lbs. He's too small and if he puts on size, he's taking away from his one and only asset - coverage speed. He can't blitz, he can't tackle guys bigger than him consistently and he has a hard time disengaging Guards and Tackles at the line to make a tackle for loss. He's a 3rd-and-passing distance ILB that they're hoping and praying can develop into an every-down, but I doubt it. If he puts on size, he loses his only asset and the only thing he brings to the table. .
Here's a snipet from the Baltimore sun

A lean Lewis reported to training camp last week and acknowledged he is probably the lightest that he’s been since he arrived in Baltimore as a rookie in 1996, burdened by questions about whether he was too small to hold up at middle linebacker.

Sixteen years, 2,586 tackles and 13 Pro Bowl invites later, those questions are again being asked of Lewis who put himself through a rigorous offseason workout program he says has him weighing less than 240 pounds.

Lewis has played much of his career between 250 and 260 pounds.

"It is a passing game,” said Lewis, who has declined to reveal his exact weight. Lewis weighed 235 pounds in his rookie season. “It’s a quick game [that] they want. Offenses want to really exploit 30-40 points a weekend. It’s about creating mismatches, I think.”

“I think it will become a trend,” said Larry Coyer, a former defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts. “It’s changed in college football and [teams] are playing tag football with the spread offenses. They are playing with different types of athletes than they used to play with. The Ohio States, Michigans, Nebraskas, Oklahomas, they were going to pound you. But they don’t do that anymore. They are spread offenses. [The NFL] is getting the athletes that are available to them: fast, skilled, smaller and more athletic guys.”

"Daniel Jeremiah scouted the NFL for the past eight seasons, including a stint with the Ravens. He isn’t sure if other veteran NFL linebackers will follow the lead of Lewis and fellow Ravens’ inside linebacker Jameel McClain, who also shed some weight this offseason. But after watching the college game closely over the years, he can easily project where the pro game is headed.

"In the college game over the last eight years, linebackers have gotten smaller and smaller as a result of all the spread offenses that you see,”said Jeremiah, now an analyst for “There aren’t any 250-pound linebackers to draft.The last three or four years, the league has really started to get packed with these linebackers that are between 230 and 240. It seems to kind of be about the most you can get on a linebacker.”

Of course there is the expecting of Willis urlacher Cushing and such but it's a new era now like the what those experts have said.

So, you haven't watched him at all playing for Miami? I guess that's why you're so high on this kid. Go watch college film on him and tell me that's our next ILB.

10 pounds might not seem like a lot of weight on paper but in reality, it's a lot of weight to put on.

That's great for Farrior and that's why he wasn't ever - in his career - a top 10 Linebacker. We don't need someone that is 230 trying to tackle Gronkowski and Hernandez because frankly, it'd be embarrassing.
I never said I was high on him go back and look I said he is unproven but has the upside to be very good. The same upside you think of Jordan.

And spence was very good in the run game at Miami he has 46 tackles for lose in his career. He shoots gaps very well to stop the running backs. I've watch a lot of film on him actually esp last year. Go look at Harrison college film, look at kiesel and smith film, Ryan Clark, those guys won't impress you. There are first round Selections ever year with great college film who turn out to be complete busts. That's what the nfl is so interesting because of the unknown factor you never know what your going to get until you put them on the field.

Farrior was the heart and soul of our defense, you can't have top 10 guys at every position the salary cap doesn't allow it.

Safeties and corners tackle those guys all the time and they aren't 240.
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