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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

First Purple I would like to read where you get these interesting "facts". I have read reports from Sports Illustrated and just recently from pro Football weekly and none of the incidents you stated were even mentioned. I even read that the limo driver testified that Ray told everyone to keep their mouths shut, not what I would expect from a victim shot 6 times. As far as Tebow his Faith in God is much less prevalent to the camera than Ray, now if the media rants about it constantly on Sportscenter that is different, but as far as interviews it is no comparison. You are right about one thing I do not know if he has really changed, I was just stating the obvious and that is if he is changed then he should not mind revealing what really happened that night. And BTW I would hate him if he was a Steeler, I did not like Joey Porter much for his antics, so why would I like Ray.
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