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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Oh you mean implement a system where he throws the ball 7 yards down the field as his longest attempt so his numbers shot up? That system? Any quarterback can work in that system and have success because it's not an NFL system. It's a collegiate level system for struggling QBs and they still have it implemented because they don't have a legitimate QB on their roster. I'm sorry, have you seen Colin Kaepernick try to throw a deep ball? It's embarrassing.

People are comparing Kaepernick to Newton and that comparison is insulting and ridiculous. Kaep better compares to a more glorified Tebow with a slightly more accurate deep ball, but very similar throwing motion.

Bottom line, he implemented a system that suits his QBs talent level and I applaud him for that, but he's not the reason they're doing well. To suggest that he was the big piece that fit it all together is laughable. If Norv Turner was down in San Fran, they'd be competing for a title too. He's made questionable coaching decisions but because a) it's the 49ers and b) they have a decent record, he's being taken off the hook for it. Why is no one asking why they're losing to weaker teams and their offense is ridiculously inconsistent? Why is no one asking why they're such a bad team on the road and consistently struggle against top-end quarterbacks?
49ers fan here - and before I get started I'll just add the disclaimer that I'm not here to talk junk or anything like that. I actually have a lot of love for the Steelers - my dad is a life long Steelers fan so I grew up in a very Steelers friendly home, and I've cheered for you guys in every Super Bowl I've been alive to watch you guys play in. The Steelers are my AFC team, and basically my #2 team behind the 49ers.

But I had to address the bold here: What top-end QB's have we struggled against?

Since Harbaugh took over, we have beaten every "elite" QB we've faced:

Drew Brees (x2, including playoffs), Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers (x2, including playoffs), Matthew Stafford (x2), Matt Ryan (playoffs), Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning...

So I'm not sure who all these top end QB's that we've struggled against have been... Even when Eli beat us in the NFC Championship, that was more so the Giants defense, and our own special teams, than it was struggling against Eli. I think Alex Smith had better stats than Eli that game.
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