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Default Re: defense next year

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
SteelersCanada, you should have read the rest of the article, because it goes on to say what type of size LB's are trending towards.

You say that Willis is the new generation linebackers, I see him more as a physical phenom that won't be able to be doubled. Timmons is also on you list of top 5 ILB's, and to use him properly a player like Spence would come in handy.
I did go back and read it, but it doesn't make any sense. The guy is talking like the new generation of Linebackers doesn't include Willis. You say he's a physical specimen, I say guys like him are going to become more and more common. Look at someone like Bowman - drafted only a couple years ago and is now one of the best Linebackers in the game. Guys like Cushing just reinforce this point. The same could be said for Stephen Tulloch. These younger guys are the prototypical Linebackers and this isn't going to change.

He has a point, but he needs to be talking about OLBs, not ILBs. OLBs are becoming leaner, faster and bigger which is true, but the prototypical ILB is still here and is going to be here for a while.

Look, I get and understand that having someone like Spence would allow Timmons to finally play his game which would be a wonderful thing. But, you guys also have to realize that Spence would be a liability in the run game or when he's asked to blitz. He's the definition of a one-trick pony. He's not strong and lacks elite size, but we're all exciting over the prospect of him? He excels in one area, albeit an area that would let Timmons become a top 3 'Backer, but one area. I'd much rather have a well rounded, more physical and better overall prospect than Spence. Guys like Ogletree, Arthur Brown even Johnson are all better prospects and are good in all areas of the game.

I very much doubt that you, WokeUp and I are ever going to see eye-to-eye on this and that's fine, it's what makes this forum interesting. I get what you guys are saying, I really do. I just hope you guys see where I'm coming from.

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
Yeah I won't even comment back to his post. He missed the important part of that article, not worth my time
It's not worth your time? You do realize that you're talking about the minority here and are acting like it's going to be a booming thing. Great, there's smaller, faster Linebackers and they're on the upswing but says who? Says this guy? The only guy I see right now that fits this guys mold is Luke Kuechly, and he had trouble making plays in the backfield this year. He's fast and explosive from sideline-to-sideline, but had trouble against bigger Running Backs.

Everything I've said goes directly against what that guy is coming with. What you and he fail to realize is that the 6'0+ 240+ inside Linebacker is here to stay and is always going to be here. Guys like Willis, Bowman, Cushing, Tulloch, Timmons, Posluszny and Sean Lee aren't the 'new generation' of Linebackers? Tell me, who is? Oh, you're right, it's a guy that put up 225 12 times at the combine. It's the guy that doesn't have elite size or strength and struggled bringing down bigger Running Backs and TEs in college. You're right, Sean Spence is the new generation of Linebacker.

Do you see why this makes absolutely no sense? The guy is cherry picking certain arguments that fit with his ideology and not seeing the grand scheme of things - Spence is a specialist player and can only be on the field in specific packages. The prototypical Linebacker is here and is going to be here.

Tell me, am I missing your point now? What is your point, even? That faster and more speedy Linebackers are the 'new generation' (they aren't, but that's besides the point right now)? Ok, that's fine, but Linebackers that put up 225 12 times at the combine aren't. Luke Kuechly is 6'0 235, which is around Spence's weight / height. He put up 225 27 times. He more than doubled Spence's numbers. Spence isn't strong and for him to put on muscle it would ultimately take away from his one asset.

Tell me, am I hitting your point now?

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