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Default Re: Anyone worth Trading?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Prior to Woodley's hamstring injury he was number one in sacks in 8 games. So, let's not jump off the cliff with him yet please. He's going to go work out with Ike and Tom Shaw and get back into the proper shape. Asking him to be traded when we've seen his potential and the fact that he's young is insane.

Give him this year to get back into proper shape and get back to his 2011 form.
Again with the sacks. There is more to being a LB than sacks. People become so brainwashed when it comes to sacks. If Woodley gets a sack in a game the fans think he had an awesome outing.

If Woodley gets into shape, around 250, then he will be better, but he still has to put forth effort on all plays. No more loafing around.

If someone wanted to trade for Woodley it would amazing. I would jump on that in an instant. To get rid of that $13,000,000 burden would do wonders for the cap.

What potential? Some sacks? I would like to see him stop the run/contain with consistency. He is generally handled by a lone TE. He also has a history of disappearing for stretches. He is being paid an elite salary, but he is not an elite LB.

Fyi, Woodley never said he was going to work out with Shaw. From what I read Shaw said he could help him. It remains to be seen if Woodley can put forth the effort to be in shape. I am not holding my breath.
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