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Default Re: "Put simply, we cannot allow the rights of a few to override the safety of all"

Originally Posted by torpedoshell31 View Post
If Atlanta Dan and ricardismo want to give up their 2nd amendment right, first amendment right or any other for that matter, they are free to do so. However, don't try and use government force to take away the Bill of Rights for the rest of us who actually still believe in the constitution. Their just not understanding the reason for the 2nd amendment, to protect the citizen from the greatest threat they can face- an out of control, oppressive government.
You believe in your version of the Constitution and I believe in my version - your version apparently maintains that the right to bear any weapon cannot be regulated - I disagree - spare me the sanctimonious crap that you have cornered the market on what the Constitution means and that anyone who disagrees with you does not "understand" constitutional law as well as you do
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