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Default Re: Steelers 2005 Free Agent List

For an update on the Free Agents:

The Steelers will offer qualifying offers to all RFA's. This means we will keep or can counter offer for:

Foote(LB), Haynes(RB), Hope(S), Keisel(DE), Mays(WR), Reed(PK), Morey(WR), Stuvaints(S)
Foote, Haynes, Hope, Reed top the list for must keep. Foote could replace Bell, Haynes for Bettis, Hope is for consistency purpose, and Reed is a top must because Heinz field is not for the weak at heart.

So for the rest:
QB - Batch is gone. Sorry but he never saw action and thanks to Ben and Tommy never will, plus St. Pierre showed that he has ability to be a capable 3rd string. Saves money too.
O-Line - Brooks, Ross, and Vincent. I don't see us being aggressive in this area since we are solid, but we would welcome either back if unsigned by other teams. Plus watch us stock pile more rookies in the draft.
Skill - Burress, Cushing, Rasby. Burress is a free agent now. More than likely someone will pay him and he will be gone, but there is around a 15% chance he could be back if Moss and other free agents fill holes. Rasby will be gone as he was filling holes cause of injury. Don't call us we'll call you. Cushing is a player who shows up at the UPMC practice field on his days off. He knows he has a good think with us and wont go elsewhere. We will sign him again after we know are numbers better.
D-Line - Clancy is gone because Hoke had a great year. Hampton is still the man but we know we have quality in Hoke at less money.
LB's - Bell is interesting. I think he is a 3-4 LB and more teams will switch over this year and need talent. But will they pay top money for a injury case? If healthy Bell is gone in an instant. But such is the case, Steelers could keep him if no big money happens fast and they get the house in order to know their numbers more. The key is we are in the drivers seat because of Foote being a solid replacement.
Secondary - Battles, Carter, and Williams. Battles and Carter are roster fillers at best. Familiar with the system and low money. Need will determine their future. Williams is the factor. If we cut Scott next Wednesday, then we sign Williams to a year or so and look for more help in the draft.

Still waiting to see which Free agents we were checking out in Hawaii...
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