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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

There's been theories that the ending of it eluded to it was a 'dream sequence' of sorts. While it wasn't a dream, it was just was Lana said happened. People are pointing to the fact that everyone that could deny her claims and say she's full of shit is dead, thus people would believe her story. It's interesting how everything bad that could've happened eventually did happen, but Lana the hero managed to seemingly rise up from the ashes and always come out on top.

It goes on to say that if the whole thing was just a story for Lana to write about, it explains the aliens. How is it that no one managed to connect the dots between Kit being there and his possible connection on the inside? Or, ignoring that, no one interviewed the guy they thought was Bloody Face? It's a little odd, if I'm being honest.

It all ties back to the point that everyone that could have said Lana was full of shit is now dead. Kit just 'disappeared', Jude is dead and the Monsignor 'killed himself'. There's no evidence that Bloody Face even existed, because Thredson 'cleaned up the place' and got rid of all the evidence - conveniently. If you think about it, the only people to ever actually see Thredson were those in the asylum and they're all dead. When she finally did go into the asylum with her camera crew, everyone that she said existed was either a) not there or b) dead. It explains the entire story and I'm really not doing it justice, but people are pointing to the fact that it showed Lana leaving that the ending was supposed to be open-ended. It's sort of like those old Goosebumps books that would let you pick your own adventure and ending, but for Lana, it's pick whether or not any of what she said happened legitimately did happen.

So, to recap, everything that happened in the asylum didn't happen. At Lana's book signing she told Kit that shutting down Briarcliff wasn't the most important thing to her anymore but becoming a famous author was. She could've easily made the whole story up and, because everyone that could rebut her story she wrote off, it's hard to really say it's bullshit. It's not that far-fetched, really. She decided to make herself a hero and write a "non-fiction" novel on the horrors of Briarcliff which ultimately skyrocketed her career into stardom. If that's not the case, why did they show her leaving without anything afterward? It was meant to be open-ended so the viewer could decide what happened for him/herself.

Personally, I think that theory ties up all the loose ends because if you take the other path, it only leaves questions without answers. Like, what the fuck was the point of the aliens? Or, why were the police so terrible at their job? What happened to Adam Levine's girlfriend in the present time, and why was there no more recent cuts to the asylum? What happened to the police at the asylum?

Ugh, so frustrating.
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