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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is a great player. I think people can find redemption. I am a Christian and firmly believe God forgives all sin. However, we are subject to the laws of society.

Do I think Ray Lewis' killed anyone? No. But, I do think he knows what happened. He danced around it, covered it up and frankly-lucked out getting out of it fairly unscathed.

Worst of all, two mothers out there do not know who murdered their sons because of Ray Lewis' actions. I think he has changed, but I still believe that about this event. He has taken the steps required by the law in this event, but its still a mark on his career.

Let's not forget that Ben has had serious charges leveled against him. The victim ultimately did not want to press charges. She was afraid of the media storm. It's quote possible Ben encouraged this decision financially. In any event, its a shame she didn't pursue. Sex crimes are often not prosecuted because the victim is afraid of the process and publicity.
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