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Default Re: Steeler's most indispensable player?

I can't believe everyone is saying Troy. I love the guy, but he hasn't made a big play in 2 years. He's a shadow of himself and we can win without him. Without Ben, we are a 4-12 team at best. Now Troy is a better safety than Ben is a QB, but the importance of the QB position + the fact that we have no one to come off the bench and lead this team makes Ben by far the most indespensable player.

I know Batch beat the Ravens. But our QB play and offense in those 3 games were dismal.

Just ask yourself one question. If we are getting ready to play in this SB next week, Would you rather go into the game without Ben or without Troy.

So you get Batch and Troy or Ben and Ryan Mundy?

woops. Just realized this thread is over 5 years old.
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