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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

nice to see a 49ers fan on here - I think a lot of the people who get physically sick with our team and wish our coach to be someone he is not is a little bizarre - I think we have some groups mixed in there who take all these Rooney rule comments a little too personal and frankly, having a black coach seems to be a bit of a problem - otherwise I wouldn't see so many panties getting bunched up over what a billionaire says - seems to have touched a racial nerve where there didn't need to be one

I think some of them see Harbaugh's sideline emotions and see a young Bill Cowher and wish for it - I always found it entertaining but never directly correlated it to winning and caring about winning or losing, or having a clue about how to coach, as some seem to do

those same fans can't stand seeing Ray Lewis's camera loving antics so the jealously and wishing Tomlin would be more like the Harbaughs is really perplexing.

They are good solid coaches with a lot of years left - I won't crown either one as "the best" regardless of what happens next sunday but they are def up and coming, especially Jim IMO

I think John will be tested for the first time in his tenure starting next season. He hasn't had to deal with Joe and Ray Rice having to be "the" voices of the team and losing Lewis, and, it will be doubly hard if they win the SB - can you say not prepared to handle being the SB champs aka the target?

I for one think the Ravens are going to win because they have won and lost and been so close so many times now - after my projected win, I think they are going to take a while to get back to the form they've had over the past 2 seasons because the younger guys will have to handle more of the pressure. I want to see the Steelers motivated to humiliate the champs.
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