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Default Re: "Put simply, we cannot allow the rights of a few to override the safety of all"

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
still attempting to reframe the argument I see

what rights and limits?

the ones you and the Feinsteins choose?

So the founding fathers, who raised an army of volunteers largely self-armed, who overthrow an established government, put the Second Amendment to the US Constitution in place, to secure the right to squirrel hunt?

the 2nd amendment isn't about types of guns or their uses, it's about freedom from the abuse by the government itself
The 2nd Amendment protects the rights to bear arms, it does not protect the right to bear a specific arm.

Define "Arms" as meant in the bill of rights.

Define "speedy" for the right to a speedy trial.

Define excessive bail or cruel punishment.

Define an unreasonable search.

Do you apply original intent to them all or to none? Or does it depend on which is your favorite?

All generalizations are dangerous.
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