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Default Re: Keenan Lewis Worth 8 Million a Year?

Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
difference is all these guys you're comparing him too, had more then just 1 year and also make plays on the ball ... they put in work to get that good contract ...

There is no way I'd pay him 6-8 mill a year off of 1 year ...

take a 4 year deal worth about 20 ... or a 2 year deal worth about 4, then if he succeeds and produces then sign him for big ...

But i'm not over reacting to one decent year, when he was covering #2s most of the year... and paying him #1 play making money
i hear you but he's had more than just this past year, in the previous year, he wasn't pencilled as the #2, but he was lined up as the #2 every time they went to nickel (which was actually a lot), and he's done a good job then.

he played well 2 years ago, and this last year's performance proved that it wasn't a fluke, and he's ready to be the starter. with that said, cortez allen is giving him some serious competition, let the two duke it out in training camp :)
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