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Default Re: possible Wallace landing spots?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
I have taken heat for saying the same thing. For some reason a lot of people here think heis useless and only hurts the team yet Brown is the next Jerry Rice or something. No clue were these people are coming from
Incorrect. Wallace half-assed all year. And he half-assed the last half of last year when word got out he wasn't going to get extended yet. It isn't a coincidence.

Brown had a high ankle sprain that derailed his season. High ankle sprains for a player whos whole game is stop, turn, stop and go is extremely difficult.

Stop looking at numbers folks. Numbers are for losers. I know what I saw. If you look at my post before this year, I never had the distain I had for Wallace up until this year. Because I saw how he played. He played like an ahole. Never coming back to the ball, never running the route when he wasnt getting the ball, falling down 2 yards before a tackler came at him. He played not trying to get hurt like the bitch he is. Eff him I hope he goes somewhere else with his puntang ass.
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