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Default Re: possible Wallace landing spots?

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
Incorrect. Wallace half-assed all year. And he half-assed the last half of last year when word got out he wasn't going to get extended yet. It isn't a coincidence.

Brown had a high ankle sprain that derailed his season. High ankle sprains for a player whos whole game is stop, turn, stop and go is extremely difficult.

Stop looking at numbers folks. Numbers are for losers. I know what I saw. If you look at my post before this year, I never had the distain I had for Wallace up until this year. Because I saw how he played. He played like an ahole. Never coming back to the ball, never running the route when he wasnt getting the ball, falling down 2 yards before a tackler came at him. He played not trying to get hurt like the bitch he is. Eff him I hope he goes somewhere else with his puntang ass.
Wallace had a bad hip if you want to start blaming injuries. Ok say wallace is as bad as you say, then what is Brown who had less yards and touchdowns? I guess you think Brown really sucks.
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