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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

The only thing about Ben is no evidence of any kind could even bear out an arrest. First time he was accused I firmly believe she was a nut job in it for the money, hence waiting 1 year and a day to avoid criminal charges and only a civil suit. The emails and comments to friends of hoping for a "little Ben" tell a story of its on. The second time is purely a he said, she said scenario. Unprotected sex in a very enclosed space and no DNA evidence to even get an arrest, hard for me to believe. Next Ben does not go about spouting born again doing Gods work speeches. I know he is not a saint, and could very well be a scum sucking stalker, but no hard evidence to prove it. Ray could be genuine, not our place to say, but like you alluded to he knew something and to this day he has kept mum either for his own protection or for his friends. I just get so sick of his same ole shtick.
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