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Default Re: Pittsburgh Sports Philosophy


Winning teams don't fall apart. We've had 20+ years of this annual failling to hold together, and truly have not seen much progress towards being mediocure, let alone becoming a winning club.

Do you see any pitchers on the level of Drabek, Zane Smith, or Bob Walk on our staff? Any catchers even close to a Mike LaValiver pardon the spelling? An infielder like Jay Bell?? An impact player at 3rd base on the level of a Bobby Bonnia ( again, pardon the spelling) or even Sid Bream??? A Leyland caliber manager?

It took Sid Thrift all of 3 years to put these pieces together for a championship run. Sorry, I'm not buying the Pirates are a team on the rise, and we need to be patient.

Truth be told, current management is not even remotely interested in fielding a competitive team. At the sametime the've been claiming they are building future success through the farm sysytem, they have been woeful in developing home grown talent. Out of the last twenty years we've managed to develop exactly one blue chip player, McCutchen, and he wouldn't even be a franchise player anywhere else in MLB.
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