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Default Re: possible Wallace landing spots?

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Stafford had over 5000 yards with 41 touchdowns 2 years ago. This season he had right under 5000. When has Ben ever did that. If Wallace played for Detroit the last two years I could easilysay he would have 1600 yards each sseason
Good point, some folks on here forget that the door swings both ways. They love to issue what ifs about Ben having an O Line and the results of such. But they fail to realize that their senarios affects the WRs in a similar manner. You're right, if Mike played in a different system, his numbers would be off the chart.

We've made the best of what we had the last few seasons (minus this one). Ben and Mike have been good for each other but the haterade came after he held out for market value pay. Mike has earned every penny he's been paid by the Steelers (got him on the cheap actually). The peanut gallery can think what they want to but the facts don't lie.
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