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Default Re: Trib-Review Ranks Steelers SB Winners - 78 Team #1

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
It's hard to compare teams 30 years apart. Some how I don't think a 220lb like Jim Clack would be real effective landing a trap block on 350lb Casey Hampton....

Truth be told, different game/different era/different player build. As much fun as it is to imagine, in reality, there is no comparison. Our current team would beat them to smithereenes.....not saying the 70's crew wouldn't make a respectable showing, but eventually the size and power of today's better equiped, better trained, much larger, and faster players, would win in a rout.
Agreed you can only compare teamns to others in the era in which they played but humans have not evolved much in 40 years - with weight training and whatever "supplements" today's NFL players are using I am assuming the 70s players would bulk up to comparable weights and be physicaly comparable to toady's players - it is not as if the game in the 70s was slow white folks only
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