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Default Re: WR/Safety in the First Round

I think we get the best value by drafting an impact player that can start on day one on defense. Although I would not be disappointed at all if they drafted Vaccaro in the first round, I doubt very seriously he'll be a day one starter, unless Troy or Clark are injured, which wouldn't be a shock either, but under the assumption they stay relatively healthy, we won't see Vaccaro for maybe two years. I think we'd get the most immediate impact if we drafted either an ILB, OLB, or DT. Not saying necessarily that we have to take them in the first round to get immediate impact, just saying that the chances are a lot higher for getting a quick return on our investment if we addressed those positions with premium talent. With that being said, I still don't think that Manti Te'o would be out of the question if he's sitting there when the Steelers pick. I know there's a lot of drama surrounding him right now, but he's still the same player that most of us would have jumped for joy if the Steelers had a chance to draft him. He may have imaginary girlfriends, but he's still a hell of a football player, and I guarantee if we pass on him, the ravens won't. Maybe we can draft ILB, OLB, or DT in the first and then pick up Baccari Rambo in the 2nd or 3rd.
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