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Default Re: Anyone worth Trading?

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
A lot of players in the nfl wont play "to the whistle" when the play isn't going there way, that's a common act among players around the league. So it's unfair to say he doesn't play to the whistle because when he rushes he doesn't let up also when run plays are directed his way he takes on his blocker and has a chance to make a play on the ball carrier.

And you judge outside linebackers in a 3-4 by there sacks, because those are the guys that are suppose to get sacks and pressures that's there main responsibility. Woodley since he signed has been slowed by injuries to his hamstrings and ankles which are big components to the body that pass rushers use to get leverage, power, and speed. Before those injuries he was having a terrific year for himself.

When healthy I would love to have Woodley on the steelers and would not consider trading him.
those injuries are from not being in playing shape. You never seen those injuries from any of our other OLBs over the years.

the 3-4 OLB is not only for rushing the QB, they also need to know when NOT to rush the QB. That was why kendrell bell couldnt grasp it as an OLB.

Woodley ONLY goes after the QB and allows rbs to go by him and TEs to get a free release.

Add injuries to his deteriotating skill set and I say get rid of him.
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