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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

1 - I don't like Dion Jordan ... obvious reasons i've stated before ...
2 - I love Amerson , and in the 2nd he's great, I would even think about him in the 1st ... Yes this year he played a couple bad games, but he's a playmaker and somebody I would feel comfortable with playing FS and even man coverage against TE as he got the length to get around their big bodies
3 - I really like Cyprien also , seems like a guy worth a 3-4th round selection... only question is who are you taking him over? somebody like Philip Thomas then no, but if he's off the board I would like Cyprien or Duke Williams
4- Yes i know clear cut 1st round guy before the injury... but no thanks , wayyy to many injury concerns for me... might make some team happy in a couple years , but don't think we are in the position to take that gamble... especially over guys like Gillislee or Barner
5 - No thanks on Nico Johnson... I think got to snag up Michael Williams here or even the 4th, I think the senior bowl showed he's more then just a blocker and can be a good all around TE
6 - I love Michael Williams but like I said I think that's to low for him after his senior bowl
7 - Good potential but with the character problems this year I doubt they take any "Fliers" this year
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