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Default Re: Anyone worth Trading?

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
those injuries are from not being in playing shape. You never seen those injuries from any of our other OLBs over the years.

the 3-4 OLB is not only for rushing the QB, they also need to know when NOT to rush the QB. That was why kendrell bell couldnt grasp it as an OLB.

Woodley ONLY goes after the QB and allows rbs to go by him and TEs to get a free release.

Add injuries to his deteriotating skiiml set and I say get rid of him.
Those injuries are why he wasnt in shape for the season. We need to stop blaming his weight because he was never 100 percent heathly to see if the weight would of had any affect on his production.

It all goes back to last season against the pats. He had 2 sacks already by the half I believe (I forget when he actually got injuried that game), and I think 8 sacks all together in the season before he injuried his hamstring. He was on pace for 16-18 sacks that season ( we had 8 games left after that pats game ). Later on in the season he tired to come back to earlier and kept re injuring the hamstring. Soooo in the offseason Im sure he rested it until it was fully healthy and gained some weight because of it. Then this season was hampered by the hamstring and other problems, so he never had the chance to condition the why he would of liked.

So for all the fans that want to say he got paid and put forth a lazy effort are off base and in my opinion wrong. Once he is 100 percent he will he be the player that everyone loves. The injury bug just hit our team bad in all areas.

Also when hes asked to blitz he does, when the play is called and it has him to cover he does. The man just doesnt chose what he wants to do on each play thats ridiculous to think.

Again cant blame the weight for everything when he was never 100 percent.

And every on this board can agree somewhat that hood hasnt been playing good, well thats the man in front of woodley thats suppose to eat blockers, but teams arent scared to single block hood and foucs more on the olb. So hoods play can also be linked to woodleys production
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