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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
1) Dion Jordan - Always a fan and love this pick. Could you share the link of your post? I think I have missed it.
2) David Amerson - Not sure if we would draft a CB in the second round. A WR or S will be more likely IMO.
5) Nico Johnson - Like this pick. But I'm not sure he will still be available at this round.
6) Michael Williams- Always a fan and love this pick. Excellent blocker and he has shown that he can catch when he's given the opportunity. But like Nico Johnson, I'm not sure he will still be available at the 6th round. Picking him at the 5th may be safer.

I like your draft overall except the second round. I would pick a WR there.
Here's a link to my article I wrote on Jordan

I agree that even if Lewis walks, our need for a CB would still be relatively low. However, I'm all for drafting Amerson and throwing him to FS and letting him be the FS of the future for this team. Cyprien and Amerson compliment each others' skillsets perfectly. Cyprien could play in the box and disrupt, while Ameson could play downfield and pick off passes. Man, I love that combination.

I honestly think Johnson is going to be there in the 5th. He had a pretty poor Senior Bowl and damaged an already down-trending draft stock. People aren't going to be willing to take a shot at him because of this and it will ultimately result to him being drafted later than he should have been. I'll admit that Williams is probably going to be gone before the 6th, but a guy can hope!
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