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Default Re: starting field position

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
I went through drive summary's of this season and tallied the yard line they started and the results from each drive by us and our opponents for each game. These numbers aren't official and I most likely made a mistake or two.

Out of 181 offensive drives:

29.8% (54) started between our 0-19 yard line. we scored on 9 of those drives.
16.6% (30) started between our 30-49 yard line. we scored on 15 of those drives.
11.6% (21) started on our opponents side. we scored on 10 of those drives.

Out of 172 drives we defended against:

23.3% (40) started between their 0-19 yard line. they scored on 4 of those drives.
25.6% (44) started between their 30-49 yard line. they scored on 14 of those drives.
14.5% (25) started on our side. they scored on 18 of those drives.

Just thought it was interesting.
Here is what I get out of this. 23.3 % of the time we pinned the opponent inside the 20.

That means they were able to flip field position on us as 29.8% started inside our 20.

that means our offense had long field too many time and if our #1 ranked defense could have gotten a few 3 and outs our offense would have started in better shape to score.

that is why being a #1 ranked defense based on yards allowed is such a bogus, deceiving ranking.
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