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Default Re: The HERD: Brett Keisel picks the Ravens to win

Originally Posted by torpedoshell31 View Post
On Mike and Mike this morning, Greenie stated that this is the last chance for the Ravens to win a ring for a while with the retirements and age of the team. However he said that the 49ers are poised to be in the mix for the title for the next several years. I'm still rooting for the 49ers, but I wouldn't like them to get 2 or 3 Lombardis in the next 5 years.
True, the 49ers are loaded... to a degree. Their secondary needs help, as does the receiving corps. More importantly, all of those young players will be getting (or wanting) contracts very soon; in other words, I could see free-agency taking away Navorro or Willis... or, maybe even Aldon. Lastly, like the Steelers, some of their key guys are very old: Justin Smith, Frank Gore. Their upcoming drafts will be interesting to watch. Otherwise, they will be like Green Bay: one championship... and then, "good" for a number of years.

Oh, and when Ray retires (after losing this SuperBowl)... that will make my decade.

Agreed. The Steelers-Ravens rivalry is the best in the NFL right now. Sure, other teams can claim to have more storied rivalries (heck, even the Steelers-Raiders has more history)... but, right now, there is no bigger mathc-up than Steelers-Ravens.


Because, a) both teams are great, and b) because they are so similar in their styles.

The Raiders-Chargers rivalry is weak, because neither is any good. The Cowboys-NYGiants rivalry is decent, but the Cowboys have won one play-off game in over a decade... so, no one really cares. Whereas, the Steelers & Ravens have each been to three AFCCGs in the past five years.

Then, there is the Taperiots-NYJets, which had a few good years... but... it is the finesse team veruss the slobber-knockers... making it more of a "style" battle than an actual rivalry. Conversely, the Steelers & Ravens are both slobber-knockers... and as Jim Rome once said, "It's like watching two heavyweights stand there and go blow-for-blow, until one falls down... and I can not take my eyes off of it."
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