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Default Re: Who's been doing the best job drafting?

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Cardinals ranked #1 and the Browns ranked #3 in the 10-year rankings. The Chiefs ranked #1 and the Dolphins #2 in the 5-year rankings.

Grain of salt.
Other highlights include:
• The best individual draft classes to date include the 2004 Chargers class, the 2008 Chiefs class and the Cowboys 2005 class.
-The Chargers 2004 draft class produced 617 starts and 4 Pro Bowl players
-The Chiefs 2008 class has six NFL starters, four of whom are still with the Chiefs
• The worst class by a team that had a first round draft choice is the Dolphins’ 2006 class
-57 total starts from the class
• Along with the Cardinals, the Falcons are probably the team that has performed best in the draft versus expectations
-Rated 10th in the 10-year review versus expected ranking of 26
-Rated 12th in the 5-year review versus expected ranking of 32
• As painful as it is for this long-time Steelers season ticket holder to admit, their draft performance has been weak
• The Lions 10-year performance versus expectations was the worst
-Ranked 31st versus expected ranking of 2nd
-The Rams weren’t much better with 27th ranking versus expected ranking of 3rd
-The Bengals join that group with 22nd ratings in both 10-year and 5-year reviews versus expected rating of 1st and 4th, respectively
• The Browns high ranking is driven by their 2011 and 2012 draft classes, with 198 games already started by those two classes
-Bills are next highest with 145
• Expectations for the Patriots have been high despite their typical late drafting position
-Expectation was 4th in 10-year review and 1st in 5-year review
-High number of total and third round draft choices

Yes take it lightly, it weighted heavily on the number of starts by players those teams drafted. And if the player goes to another team it counts for the team the drafted that player.
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