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Default Re: Who's been doing the best job drafting?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
29th in 10 years? Sure, I'll take 29th when we have won two Super Bowls and been to three in that time. The Cardinals and Browns sure have drafted well! I mean, look how great they've been doing! Oh, wait a sec. Well, they're ranking high in the last five too! They must be doing very well! Oh, what's that? They fired both their head coaches this year and are picking top 10? Well, that's interesting.

That list is horseshit.
No where in the article does it state that these rankings have affect on how successful teams have been. It's based on the number of starts by players those teams have drafted. Meaning those teams have drafted guys that have been durable and are able to hold onto a starting spot on a there team or another.

Drafting isn't the only factor on to why teams go to the superbowls, ie free agency, coaching, scheme, health, schedule etc.

And the steelers have been very successful but haven't drafted a lot of players who are not currently in the nfl still or players that are practice squad guys or career backups. Sure we have done great in round 1 and finding some gems later on but in most of our draft classes the last 10 years we have drafted a lot of guys who are currently not on a nfl roster or who are third stringers and such.

2009- joe Burnett, frank summers, rashon Harris, aq Shipley

2008- Limas sweed, Bruce Davis, tony hills, Dennis Dixon, mike humpal, Ryan mundy

2007- Matt spaeth, Daniel sepulveda, Ryan McLean, Cameron Stephenson, Dallas baker

2006- Anthony smith, Willie Reid, orien Harris, Omar Jacobs, Charles Davis, Marvin Phillp, Cedric humps

2005- Fred Gibson, rian Wallace, Shaun nua, Noah Herron

2004- Ricardo colclough, Nate adibi, Bo lacy, Matt kranchick, drew caylor, Eric Taylor


Again we have dne great in round 1 and finding some key guys later but we have lots of wasted picks, that's what the article points out.

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