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Default Re: Anyone worth Trading?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
his own coach said his injuries are from a lack of commitment - the injury bug did hit the team bad, but, Woodley has earned the finger pointing this past season IMO - he was heavy before the injury and put unneeded additional stress on his body because of it
I agree he has earned some finger pointing but not as much as some have been given him. He had a bad year we all know that but so did a lot of steelers this year.

And again he weight was caused by him trying to rehab and rest his hamstring in the offseason, and while you are doing that your cardio is limited so weight was added.

Also people want to say he got his money so he got lazy, I don't think that's fair to say. He signed his deal and has having one of the best season in 2011 before he got injured in the pats games. The man has been hampered by injuries the past year and half, his weight has suffered because of that. I expect him to be bak in shape this year and back to normal. And everyone will go back to loving him.
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