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Default Re: Who's been doing the best job drafting?

2004: The Chargers cut Drew Brees, and drafted Philip Rivers... instead if Larry Fitzgersld.

Thus, instead of: Brees throwing to Fitzgerald, w/ LaDainian coming out of the backfield... well... they merely had LT (& a quasi-effective Rivers).

Ask any Chargers fan about how many "starts" they've gotten from that draft. (Don't ask. It's a sore subject with them.)

Regardless, your point is understood. BUT, how many of those players could not supplant the back-ups on this team... but, could start for other teams. Using the Chargers as a example, Tim Dobbins had a ton of starts for the Bolts... but, Timmons couldn't even crack the starting line-up (Farrior, Foote). If Timmons were a Charger, he'd have 32 more starts... but, it doesn't make Dobbins better than Timmons. Make sense?

Lastly, the past three drafts have been huge in ALL rounds.
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