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Default Re: Steelers Hire Jack Bicknell Jr. As OLine Coach

Originally Posted by JVip View Post
Also, I wonder how much Haley influenced this hire?
Haley and Jack were in the Chiefs organization at separate times. He never coached under Haley and thus I would assume Haley didn't have a lot of input into it. I will say that Tomlin probably talked with Coughlin about him though and that was the final straw for him to be hired. If Coughlin would've given Mike anything less than a glowing report, I very much doubt he'd be our offensive line coach this year.

The dude has a Super Bowl ring and only let Eli get sacked 28 times as an Asst. OLine coach. I mean, he has to be doing something right. I also think it's a very good idea to implement the ZBS now that our line has four younger guys on it that have all shown their athletic ability and potential.

Man, Lattimore running behind this line gets me excited, I don't know about you guys.
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