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Default Re: Pittsburgh Sports Philosophy

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
Have you actually watched those other small market teams? Little things that are a noticable difference, they always hit the cuttoff man, they hit behind the runner, they get their bunts down cleanly, they can execute the hit an run, fundementals, that you just don't see with the Pirates.

One other thing you don't see, 6-7 batters in a line up batting below the Medoza line, and wondering where the offense is. Seriously, who they trying to kid?

On to pitchers, the training regimine is below standard which shows up on how many pitchers come out of our farm system with either blown out arms, a 10- 15 mph drop in velocity, or both. It's been proven that increasing long toss training from 90 feet, the Pirate standard, to 150-200 feet, increases both velocity, stamina, and significantly reduces injury factors.

IMO, until the FO gets serious about trainning standards in the farm system, it is hopeless to expect much of anything from this club. I wouldn't expect much hope of these tightwads opening the bank to bring in some first rate FA talent either.
Yes I have watched those teams play. They have very strong fundamentals in the skills you pointed out. Their coaching and managing is superior to that of the Pirates, but you don't need a Jim Leyland type manager or big superstars to be like them - THAT is my point.

I fully agree management has not handled the Pirates in the proper manner for the past 20 years. I attribute this to the major reason why the team has struggled. And though I remain completely optimistic, and very much a fan and enthusiast, in reality the team will not be at the next level until they have the right men running the show. Will that ever happen? I am not certain.
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