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Default Re: Pittsburgh Sports Philosophy

Originally Posted by sluggermatt15 View Post
Yes I have watched those teams play. They have very strong fundamentals in the skills you pointed out. Their coaching and managing is superior to that of the Pirates, but you don't need a Jim Leyland type manager or big superstars to be like them - THAT is my point.

I fully agree management has not handled the Pirates in the proper manner for the past 20 years. I attribute this to the major reason why the team has struggled. And though I remain completely optimistic, and very much a fan and enthusiast, in reality the team will not be at the next level until they have the right men running the show. Will that ever happen? I am not certain.
I hear you. I've been a long time follower of the Pirates, since the 50's. The drive home from church growing up always had the Joe L Brown show on the radio. They did such a good job of keeping the fan informed on who was doing what. Yeah, the gunner would throw some soft questions at him, but he didn't shrink away from telling it like it was.

Frankly, the club hasn't been the same since the Galbreith family sold it to McClatchy, who totally liquidated anything of value that was not in plain sight. Nutting hasn't been much better.

I hear the words, be patient, that they are trying to build from within, but the product our farm system is cranking out leaves little to be desired. I honestly believe we are signing good enough talent, it's just that our player development sucks, and will continue to suck until we invest in a workable system.

Aa a fan, I was thrilled at the first 5 months of last season. But you had a bunch of guys that were playing way over their heads, and eventually, the laws of average caught up with them.

ERAs crept up ( again proper conditioning issue), key injuries, RBIs went down due to a lack of batting averages, not to mention you best player went in the tank offensively for the last month of the year. In all fairness, there was nobody on either side of Cutch in the lineup that would have scared any MLB pitcher which undoubtedly had an effect.

IMO, the outlook for this team is at best a .500 club, but with our pitching staff , several of whom are coming off of major injuries, getting up there age wise, or never amounted to much of anything in the first place, coupled to a slew of batters that are going to bat .250 or less, with little or no power, I wouldn't be counting on a winning season this year.
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