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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
No - I will counter by asking if you believe Ray-Ray settled the civil suits brought by the families of the deceased because he is a nice guy?

Traces of Bakerís blood were discovered inside Lewisís stretch limousine, and the white suit he had been wearing that night was never found.

ďIím not trying to end my career like this,Ē Lewis said that night, according to one witnessís testimony....

Four years after the killings, Lewis settled two civil suits for undisclosed sums, although it is believed that Richardís fiancee, KellyeSmith, who was pregnant with their daughter when Richard died, received at least $1 million. Bakerís late grandmother ó he wasnít married and had no children, and his parents had died before his own death ó also is thought to have received about $1 million in a settlement. The settlements reportedly included a confidentiality clause.

Paying out $2 million is a lot - OJ lost his civil suit after being acquitted in the criminal case - maybe an attorney more competent than the DA who indicted Lewis would have achieved a similar outcome if Lewis had not paid big $$$ to maintain the cover-up
Suits are settled out of court all the time. Maybe because of the company he kept Ray did feel responsible, maybe he just wanted to avoid a second media circus surrounding this event, or maybe he just doesn't care about the money. Maybe $2M is a lot to you, but it is not to Ray Lewis, considering in his career he has signed over $100M in contract deals alone, not to mention commercial endorsements, public appearances, royalties, etc.
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