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Default Re: Who's been doing the best job drafting?

Originally Posted by ebsteelers View Post
just look at the last 5 years how booty that list is.

ravens #21, playining in the super bowl, been to 3 afc championship games last 5 years
49ers # 24 back to back nfc title games, super bowl this year
steelers #27 2 super bowl apperances 1 win,
jets #28 2 afc title apperances
giants # 29 2 super bowls
saints # 30 super bowl win

maybe its a reverse order, from ravens down every one of those teams minus the jags have been in the playoffs recently..

this list is like my shorts ...pure $Hi+
Exactly - it's easier for young guys to start right away on bad teams. The system he uses is inherently flawed.
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