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Default Re: Ray Lewis should have to watch the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post
It's not an excuse, it's a fact. Just like how you point out how the Ravens will be 'dead even' with Burgh since they moved to BAL if they win next Sunday. That is true.

The Steelers are not a case of the Habs in Hockey or Yanks in baseball beating up on a handful of teams (in a diluted playoff) and 'padding' thier title numbers.

Since the implementation of the SB and then the merger, the Steelers are, for now, GOAT (with the 49ers, Cowboys, Packers and Pats also in the discussion).

Not trying to 'pick a fight', just pointing out facts.

The Ravens are an excellent franchise and they have the last 12+ years as proof. Still, the last 12 years and this recent run to the SB shouldn't cloud judgment and lead to ADD logic where the long[er] term excellence of other franchises like the Steelers is marginalized or negated.

Don't let immediate news blind you to history.
I agree on the history, Steelers have more rings. But I'm not bitter about it as the last poster suggested for the reasons I posted. Same reason I wouldn't be bitter about a colleague having more employee of the month awards if I had been with the company for 6 months and him 10 years. It comes with the territory.

Will we have as many rings as P-burgh some day? Maybe, but I doubt it considering the league has changed so much and dynasties being so rare in the age of the free agent. But who cares, for me bragging rights change season to season.
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