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Default Re: Steelers Hire Jack Bicknell Jr. As OLine Coach

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
Typically, zone blocking linemen are quicker to the point of attack, a talent needed to make screen passes work. Arians didn't use them much, and got similar results with the Bubble Screen, with much less work and effort reguired by the linemen.

Add to that we didn't have the linemen to get to the edge. Our offensive guards we've played over the years, sans DeCastro, are way too slow. Heck, they can't even get to the point of attact to hit a trap block in the 3-4 hole more than twice a game.
Having more athletic and smaller ZBS type linemen is not a prerequisite for running a screen pass. A center typically may have to pull 20 yards laterally to get to the point of the screen. Pouncey, DeCastro, Adams, Beechum are all athletic enough to get to a screen block.

If that was the rationale of thinking that a ZBS will help us run screen passes....I think its a stretch.

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I am not sure why a ZBL scheme would be preferred, with the Olinemen we currently have on roster.

Aren't the Steelers' Olinemen right now known for being HUGE, lumbering, bulldozers best suited to a straight ahead man blocking scheme? They aren't known for being particularly agile-- hence the poor pass protection and high number of sacks every year (yes, and Ben's playing style as well).
I dont think a ZBS is the answer, but most here want to because its different. The linemen on the roster now are perfectly capable of handling some Zone. They are athletic enough. I just dont think its in Haleys offense to go strictly zone, so I think it will stay man with some zone schemes in at times.

Its Jack Bicknell, not Alex Gibbs they hired.
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