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Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
I just posted this on Facebook so all of DC can see it...

I am TIRED of Ray Lewis and his act.

I am TIRED of the Ravens bandwagon.

Ray Lewis is a great player and lead, but his whole thing is just an act. He tries to hide what happened in 2000 behind his Super Bowl ring and "Jebus knows what happened so I don't have to say anything." No one knows what happened, but somehow or way he is guilty of something, and he won't fess up. At least Ben Roethlisberger has manned up for over his stupid acts. Ray Lewis can hide behind his Super Bowl ring(s) when it's all said and done, but his fake christian persona is just a scam he's put on since his name was tainted.

And the bandwagon. The Ravens are a great franchise, I can't deny that, but like all other bandwagons before them (Pats, Giants, Steelers, Saints, Packers, Tebow) it will be forgotten in a year or so. Their team pales in comparison to the Steelers, Patriots or Colts. They won't even win their division next year I bet, and 95% of defending champs/conference champs fail the following year. I spit on them in Black and Yellow.

Football rant over.
Sounds like sour grapes, man. as I have said in several threads already, only someone who doesn't know Ray and does not see how he lives his life every day would call Ray's faith and leadership an act. No one can know a man's heart, but it's pretty obvious that Ray is for real.
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