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Default Re: Steelers Hire Jack Bicknell Jr. As OLine Coach

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
he has no point. it's a common technique of liars and bullshiters. they like to keep the argument going in circles telling as many lies as possible and never backing up statements with facts.
the point is simple. topmlin has been responsible for hiring 3 guys since he's been here. all 3 have sucked.
he was too stupid to fire ariands so rooney had to do it. it was so embarrassing that tomlin had to have a press conference to say that he actually fired arians, not insecure do you have to be to asked the rooneys if it is okay if he actually took resposibilityu for the firing of his OC?
the rooneys saw how inept tomlin is, so they did the hiring of haley and i am sure they hired the new oline guy also. the rooney are starting to see how the standard is the standard with this clown they gave the HC to.
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