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Default Re: Wes Welker's wife rants about Ray Lewis

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
Suits are settled out of court all the time. Maybe because of the company he kept Ray did feel responsible, maybe he just wanted to avoid a second media circus surrounding this event, or maybe he just doesn't care about the money. Maybe $2M is a lot to you, but it is not to Ray Lewis, considering in his career he has signed over $100M in contract deals alone, not to mention commercial endorsements, public appearances, royalties, etc.
Yep - 95% of civil cases usually settle before trial ( my knowledge on that subject may be at least equal to yours). Wrongful death actions raerly if ever settle for $2 million if the case is bogus

My point is that $2 million is real money and is not simply something to "avoid the costs of trial" (my knowledge on that also may be at least equal to yours) - Ray Ray was never exactly Peyton Manning when it came to big $ endorsement deals he could use to pay that amount back in 2004 (gee I wonder why -must be racism)

Ray Ray had a tremendous incentive for the record of what happened that night not to be developed by a competent attorney (Fulton County DA Paul Howard has a reputation of being something less than that - my knowledge of that subject also may be at least equal to yours) and was willing to pay $2 million to hush it up - if there was no genuine dispute of material fact as to Ray Ray's non-involvemnet he could have had the civil cases dimissed on a motion for summary judgment without the need to go through "the circus" of a civil trial

Or maybe we should just respond as Ray Ray does and say this is God's time and not to dredge up the past
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