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Default Re: starting field position

Just yet another aspect of this team that underperformed. This team underperformed at every level this year. They were lucky to be .500. This past year's team was not adequate in a single category. Returns, running, passing, turnovers, fumbles, lack of red zone points, burning time outs, injuries, etc.

Reading those numbers does not surprise me. If i were a coach I would not know where to start.

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
There's absolutely no excuse for this. We have (had) guys like Rainey, Brown and Sanders on our roster and at our disposal and almost a third of them started inside of our own 20? That's what pops out to me and needs addressing. Either we weren't using Brown and friends effectively, or we need new ST guys on the field blocking.

I have a feeling DVD is going to be returning kickoffs and punts next year though and he has some big play ability. I'm hoping that will balance out those numbers a little bit.
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