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Default Re: Niners CB says openly gay players would not be welcomed on the team

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Oh no, he doesn't like gay people! What a vile monster! You can't be anything but acceptable about gay people! You must only positive about Gays. You cannot be negative. You must ONLY be accepting and approving of LGBT. This hypocritical whiny self-indulgent attitude is ridiculous and needs to stop. The moment someone says "I don't like you", you want to hang them. He doesn't have to like Gays.

I don't think he worded it properly, but he has a right to his words. If you want to hold accountable to his words, that's fine. But I'm not going to hang the guy for stating his honest truth. Does he have a right to speak for the team? No. But he shouldn't hide what he really thinks if he's asked a question. If he doesn't swing that way, then that's who he is. Acceptance goes both ways. If a man wants the ****, then that's his perogative. Culliver shouldn't have to pretend that he likes it.

Unless this Culliver fellow is taking a gay person and beating him to death for being gay, he isn't doing anything wrong by being honest with himself and others. By all means feel "ashamed" and feel "disgusted" and "indignified" by someone telling the truth. It proves that we lack a spine.
You're all over the place here and never make a relevant point! Who said anything about hanging Culliver?
You claim people who are ashamed of his discourse lack a spine, but how so? Being embarrassed by stupid opinions is nothing spineless. If you went on tv advocating creationism I'd be ashamed for you.

Again, I'm not entirely sure what you're point is, except that Culliver has a right to voice his viewpoint, which nobody was contesting.
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