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Default Re: Bill Cowher: 8-8 won't trigger Steelers panic

Originally Posted by FrancoLambert View Post
Uggggh.....he's rooting for the Ravens? Can't see it.
I buy the respect thing and representing the AFC North, BUT I would never root for the Right Reverend Ray Lewis and that crybaby Harbaugh.
Problem is I'm then pulling for the other crybaby Harbaugh.
This matchup sucks.
Yeah, I'd much rather root for the other crybaby Harbaugh....... LOL!!

As for Troy, he's one more concussion from done, and he STILL will not form tackle. You throw your head at someone's legs, you're going to get dinged.

Last year when he was out, after a couple of rough games ( Taylor really struggled during this time) adjusting to life without Troy, I thought they played solidly in the secondary.

I'll agree about the lack of turnovers. Speaking of which, I've never seen so many gifted athletes NOT being able to track a ball in the air, They are pathetic. We don't need replacements, we need an optometrist......
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